Larry Fink

Spring 2013
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“. . . my developing identity was ensnarled with the camera, its natural power to encode and communicate that which was in front of me and that which was within me . . . “

—Larry Fink

Larry Fink’s photographs merge style, vision, and content so seamlessly that their meaning strikes us as given: something known and shared—an unequivocal truth about what things looked and felt like there in front of the camera. The art of this lies in Fink’s ability and willingness to penetrate the scene at hand, even when the politics may not be to his liking. Join Larry Fink for a workshop that will explore the relationship between subject and photographer, style and meaning. Fink has been a professor at Yale University School of Art, New Haven; Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture, New York; Parsons School of Design, New York; and Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia. Currently he is a tenured professor of photography at Bard College. His work has been widely exhibited in the United States, including solo exhibitions at Light Gallery, New York; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge; Museum of Modern Art, New York; and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Included in the workshop will be a portfolio review followed by an individualized assignment. Students will have three weeks to complete the assignment and will then return for a group critique led by Fink.

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