Youth Program - Community Partnerships

With some 300 million photographs uploaded to Facebook daily, today’s youths—that is, tomorrow’s adults—will find themselves living in a world in which images, rather than words, are the dominant form of communication. Aperture is committed to strengthening the critical thinking and visual literacy skills required for young people to successfully navigate contemporary life as well as higher education. To that end, Aperture works with schools and community organizations to design educational programs that use photography as a vehicle to teach visual literacy and problem-solving skills. A visually literate person should be able to evaluate and understand the form of a picture, including its syntax, style, and composition, the content or subject matter depicted, and the cultural context of the image in terms of its creation, purpose, and audience. Education programs meet New York State Learning Standards in Social Studies, English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Technology, and are aligned with the New York City Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.

To learn more about our various partnerships see the list below. If you represent a school or educational program interested in developing a partnership with Aperture, please contact Sarah Anne McNear, Deputy Director, at [email protected]


Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School

M.S. 136 Charles O. Dewey

Storefront Academy Harlem

Highland Park Community School

East Side Community High School


Grand Street Settlement Beacon Community Center
I.S. 61 Leonardo Da Vinci
The Latin American Photobook Educational Program,
Aperture Foundation and the Grand Street Settlement’s Beacon Community Center, December 2012
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