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On the Cover: Aperture's "Mexico City" Issue

How Mexican photographers are pushing new visions for the medium.

10 Magnum Photographers on their Obsessions in Images

What keeps a photographer returning to a particular subject, theme, place, or person?

Tilda Swinton Guest Edits Aperture’s “Orlando” Issue

Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s pioneering novel “Orlando,” Aperture’s summer issue presents original photographs and writings that celebrate openness, curiosity, and human possibility.

On the Cover: Aperture's "Earth" Issue

In the age of climate change, how are photographers and artists envisioning dramatically politicized landscapes?

On the Cover: Aperture’s “Family” Issue

In relationships and communities, an expanding vision of what families can be.

On the Cover: Aperture's "Los Angeles" Issue

Like any metropolis, LA is dynamic, changing, evolving, contested.

Behind the Scenes of The Last Book

The world—and the word—is in the process of becoming less and less dependent on paper. Our reading…

Behind the Scenes of Amelia and the Animals

Since Amelia was 3 years old, she has been her mother’s muse and the subject of her…

Kathy Ryan's Office Romance

An interview with Kathy Ryan, director of photography at the New York Times Magazine, on her recently…

Erwin Olaf on Erwin Olaf: Volume II

Erwin Olaf’s approach to storytelling is uniquely evocative and enticingly ambiguous. Erwin Olaf: Volume II is a…

The Sochi Project: In Conversation

On June 3, 2014, Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen joined us at our gallery to discuss…

Doug DuBois on My Last Day at Seventeen

Doug DuBois was first introduced to a group of teenagers from the Russell Heights housing estate while he…

LaToya Ruby Frazier on The Notion of Family

We sat down with LaToya Ruby Frazier to discuss the realization of her first book, The Notion…

Aperture's Holiday Gift Guide

From iconic monographs by master photographers, to groundbreaking, never-before-published work, here are the perfect photography gifts for everyone on your list.

Stephen Shore on Stephen Shore: Selected Works, 1973–1981

Stephen Shore’s Uncommon Places is indisputably a canonic body of work—a touchstone for those interested in photography…

This is Mars: Midi Edition

This Is Mars offers a thrilling visual experience of the surface of the red planet. The multi-award-winning…

On Feminism

How feminism has shaped photography? An introduction to the winter 2016 issue of Aperture

From Magnum Photographers, 10 Decisive Moments

Magnum’s Square Sale, online now through June 10th, is an opportunity to collect decisive moments from Magnum photographers.

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