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15 Photographers on How Imagination Shapes Their Work

Dawoud Bey, Nan Goldin, KangHee Kim and more reflect on the photograph’s potential to influence social and artistic images.

7 Essential Japanese Photobooks

From Eikoh Hosoe to Rinko Kawauchi, here are collaborations, meditations, and poetic reflections on time and the natural world.

How Can Native Artists Challenge the Story of North America Today?

Announcing Aperture magazine’s fall 2020 issue and programing around Native artists.

11 Photographers Reflect on Images of Solidarity

Bruce Davidson, Miranda Barnes, Sohrab Hura and more on how photographs can represent solidarity—from demonstrations of unity in the face of adversity and oppression, to moments of community and connection.

On the Cover: Aperture's “Ballads” Issue

How Goldin’s iconic slideshow and book became an enduring model for photographers across ages and around the world.

13 Photographers on Turning Points in Their Work

Elliott Erwitt, Zun Lee, Alec Soth, and more on the turning points in their photographs—from global and national events to the most personal moments.

11 Photographers on How To Finish a Body of Work

When should you bring a photographic project to an end?

8 Educational Photography Resources to Spark Creativity

Advice and insight from the world’s top photographers, free photography curriculum, and more.

These Women Changed the History of Photography

Celebrate Women’s History Month with 14 must-read articles and interviews that chronicle the impact of women artists, from the dawn of photography to today.

12 Inspiring Photobooks by Women Photographers

From seminal first monographs by Diane Arbus and Nan Goldin to modern classics by Deana Lawson, Rinko Kawauchi and more.

A History of Photography in America’s National Parks

From Ansel Adams to Rebecca Norris Webb, we trace the symbiotic relationship that the parks and photography have developed over 150 years.

On the Cover: Aperture’s “House & Home” Issue

Just as photographers have trained their lenses on the built environment, architects have equally been drawn to photography.

On the Cover: Wolfgang Tillmans Guest Edits Aperture's "Spirituality" Issue

How can photography represent humanity’s longing for spiritual connection and solidarity?

On the Cover: Aperture's "Mexico City" Issue

How Mexican photographers are pushing new visions for the medium.

10 Magnum Photographers on their Obsessions in Images

What keeps a photographer returning to a particular subject, theme, place, or person?

Tilda Swinton Guest Edits Aperture’s “Orlando” Issue

Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s pioneering novel “Orlando,” Aperture’s summer issue presents original photographs and writings that celebrate openness, curiosity, and human possibility.

On the Cover: Aperture's "Earth" Issue

In the age of climate change, how are photographers and artists envisioning dramatically politicized landscapes?

On the Cover: Aperture’s “Family” Issue

In relationships and communities, an expanding vision of what families can be.

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