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#236, Fall 2019

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The Fall 2019 issue of Aperture magazine considers the thriving photography scene in Mexico City, North America’s largest metropolis. The fourth in Aperture’s series of city-focused issues—following São Paulo, Tokyo, and Los Angeles—“Mexico City” features the leading photographers, curators, and other creative people who are shaping the visual culture of a city that, as the writer Álvaro Enrigue notes, “always returns as a stronger and more brilliant version of itself.” Featured artists and writers include Francis Alÿs, Melba Arellano, Iñaki Bonillas, Miguel Calderón, Horacio Fernández, Maya Goded, Kit Hammonds, Graciela Iturbide, Pablo López Luz, Sonia Madrigal, Mayra Martell, Sarah Hermanson Meister, Pablo Ortíz Monasterio, Gabriel Orozco, and Ramón Reverté.

“Mexico City” is on newsstands September 10.

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Table of Contents

Alinka Echeverría, Duane Michals, Jan Groover, Shot in Soho

Garth Greenwell on Mark McKnight

Brian Wallis on Richard Faverty’s On Strike: Shut It Down, 1969

by Max Pinckers

Editors’ Note

Graciela Iturbide: Dreams & Visions
A Conversation with Ramón Reverté

Spiral City
by Kit Hammonds

Mexico and the Photobook
Pablo Ortíz Monasterio and Horacio Fernández in Conversation

The Shadow and the Flash
Iñaki Bonillas in Conversation with Iván Ruiz

Members Only
by Sarah Hermanson Meister

Posing Defiance
by Alfonso Morales Carrillo

A History of Violence
Maya Goded and Mayra Martell in Conversation with Marcela Turati

Pablo López Luz
Introduction by Álvaro Enrigue

Miguel Calderón
Introduction by María Virginia Jaua

Gabriel Orozco
Introduction by María Minera

Lake Verea
Introduction by Alejandro Hernández Gálvez

Melba Arellano
Introduction by Mario Ballesteros

The J. L. Venegas Archive
Introduction by Yvonne Venegas

Sonia Madrigal
Introduction by Yxta Maya Murray

Jesús León
Introduction by Daniel Saldaña París

Tania Franco Klein
Introduction by Chloe Aridjis

Object Lessons
Horacio Fernández on Made in Latin America, 1981 by Alfonso Morales Carrillo

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