Host an Aperture Traveling Exhibition

Aperture offers a diverse selection of photography exhibitions to museums and institutions throughout the world. They range in size from 25 to 300 images and require from 150 to 500 feet of running wall space. The fee shown is for an 8-week showing but can be prorated to accommodate whatever time slot you require.

Aperture exhibitions come framed and crated with accompanying designed captions and text panels that need to be produced by the venue. Advance materials include a marketing packet, exhibition checklist, case list, condition reports, and often an educational guide. Almost all of our exhibitions have a fully produced Aperture publication which accompanies them, and these are available for exhibitors to sell in retail venues. Often our photographers are able to attend openings or educational programs organized by host institutions, and we are happy to facilitate those arrangements.

Exhibitor’s responsibilities
The participating venue is responsible for the exhibition fee, prorated shipping, and insurance coverage while the work is in the institution. We require a certificate of insurance and a facilities report from each participating venue. Our contract details arrangements with exhibitors regarding security, environmental controls, and other aspects of hosting an exhibition according to standard museum practices.

We are happy to provide additional details about a specific exhibition, including itineraries, fees, facts, and visual materials you may need for review. For more information about Aperture traveling exhibitions please contact Annette Booth, Director of Exhibitions Management by e-mail at

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