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The PhotoBook Review in the Winter 2023 issue of Aperture features a look inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s research library, a review of CCA’s recently opened exhibition The Lives of Documents—Photography as Project, and reviews of photobooks by Oliver Frank Chanarin, Lynne Cohen, Marina Gadonneix, Sofia Coppola, and Corita Kent, plus The Art Institute of Chicago Field Guide to Photography and Media.

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A Space for Everyone

How does the Metropolitan Museum of Art bring its vast book collection to life?

Russet Lederman in conversation with Jared Ash


The Lives of Documents

A recent exhibition considers how publications can inform and inflect the creative process.

Sara Knelman

Features and Columns


Oliver Frank Chanarin, A Perfect Sentence (Loose Joints, 2023)
Noa Lin


Lynne Cohen: Observatories and Marina Gadonneix: Laboratories (Atelier EXB, 2023)
Lesley A. Martin


Sofia Coppola: Archive (MACK, 2023)
Michael Famighetti


The Art Institute of Chicago Field Guide to Photography and Media (Yale University Press, 2023)
Varun Nayar


Ordinary Things Will Be Signs for Us: Photographs by Corita (J&L Books and Magic Hour Press, 2023)
Brendan Embser

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