Aperture 94 - Spring 1984

Aperture magazine 94

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9 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches
1984-04-01 00:00:00

Table Of Contents

People and Ideas
Autobiography of Larry Clark by Ron Horning
SPE at Twenty-one by John Grimes
Particulars: From the Miller-Plummer Collection by Ann Jarmusch

Images to Fuel an Empire
Text by Nicolas Monti
Photography in colonial Africa mirrors the dreams and delusions of industrial Europe.

“Death Valley to Phoenix to Santa Fe and the Sangre de Cristo . . . Hope You Like It”
Photographs by Bill Dane
Text by John Fitzgibbon
The ironic, iconic images of Bill Dane remind us with humor that the world has gone slightly haywire.

Arizona Light
Photographs by William Larson
Poem by Eleanor Wilner
Beyond the luxuriance of color and light, William Larsons’s Tucson is eerily vacant.

Song of a Century Before
Photographs by H. H. Bennett
Text by David A. Hanson
Nineteenth-century photographer and naturalist H. H. Bennett devoted a lifetime to celebrating the consonance of the Wisconsin Dells.

Documents of a Traveler
Photographs by Max Yavno
Writings by Mohamed Choukri and D. H. Lawrence
Max Yavno’s travels to Morocco and Mexico result in photographs of visual clarity, acuity, and drama.

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