A student photo exhibition can be a rewarding public culmination for your Aperture On Sight students The execution doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are a few options:
  • A slideshow of a selection of the class’s photographs, set to appropriate music or accompanied by live or recorded student narration explaining what the class has done. Project each image for about four seconds: long enough to understand what you’re seeing. Keep slideshows to about three minutes. This could take place during a school-wide performance.
  • A gallery walk, with nicely printed student photographs on tables with Post-it notes on which visitors can write comments, as well as student books. This works well for parent-teacher conferences.
  • A formal exhibition at the school, in a café, at a library, or in a local politician’s office. Students can select and sequence photographs to hang on a wall, then use photo paper, an ink-jet printer, and frames or map pins. Include wall text and captions/titles printed on clear shipping labels.
  • A presentation of the student work and books with a talk in which a teacher or other adult interviews a panel of students about their projects.

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Educators can use this workbook with students to accompany the Aperture On Sight curriculum and encourage open dialogue and reflection.