Iced Pear Dessert (Liquid Nitrogen)

Martin Klimas


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In the late 1970s, the George Eastman Museum asked a group of photographers for their favorite recipes and food-related photographs to go with them, in pursuit of publishing a cookbook. Playing off George Eastman’s famous recipe for lemon meringue pie and former director Beaumont Newhall’s love of food, the cookbook grew from the idea that talent in the darkroom must also translate to the kitchen. Published now, nearly forty years later, The Photographer’s Cookbook is a time capsule of the 1970s, and includes recipes and photographs from Robert Adams, Richard Avedon, Imogen Cunningham, William Eggleston, among others. In this spirit, Aperture commissioned contemporary photographers to submit a recipe and food-related picture. The resulting works reveal a fascinating look at how today’s photographers depict food, home, and ritual, raising questions about consumption, desire, pleasure, and, in the broadest sense, taste itself.  

Pigment print
Print Paper Size: 27 5/8 x 23 5/8 inches
Print Image Size: 23 5/8 x 19 5/8 inches
Edition of 5 and 2 artist’s proofs
Label signed and numbered by the artist

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Martin Klimas is the colorful and creative hybrid of photographers Eadweard Muybridge and Dr. Harold Edgerton. Through his own experimentation with motion and the cause and effect in gravity, Klimas’ photographs explore relationships with time, beauty and destruction. In each photograph, Klimas shows the transformation of solid object into one that is in between, a temporary sculpture that comes together for a moment, creating a comforting notion that something beautiful can be created out of chaos.