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Recap of Connect Member Meetup with Wardell Milan

On February 28, Aperture Connect Members came together at the studio of visual artist Wardell Milan for their first meetup of 2017. Milan discussed his portfolio, which includes work created in a range of mediums—such as collage, painting, mixed media, video, and photography—and explores themes of identity.

Milan’s photographs capture three-dimensional, semi-biographical dioramic scenes that visually reference cultural histories and create alternative worlds. The tabletop structures include carefully chosen characters, many of whom reappear across Milan’s work, sourced from various publications to complete the narrative.

Milan also gave the group a behind-the-scenes look into his works in progress, including a series he created during his Rauschenberg Residency in response to current political conversations, as well as pieces designed for the upcoming off-Broadway production Master, opening in May at the Irondale Theater in Brooklyn.

About Wardell Milan

Wardell Milan obtained his BFA in photography and painting from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and his MFA in photography from Yale University, and is currently represented by David Nolan Gallery in New York City. Follow Milan on Instagram @wardellmilanstudio or visit

About Aperture Connect

Aperture Connect is a dynamic group of supporters (ages 21 to 37), residing in the New York Tri-State area, who seek to further their knowledge and understanding of photography, publishing, and the international photo community.

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