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In London, an Exhibition Provokes Questions about Masculinity

For some men, masculinity is a habit or an addiction—a promise of power. But in the #MeToo era, can “liberation” be found through photography?

Nan Goldin’s Profound Influence on Film and Television

With its vivid color, indelible characters, and documentation of a pre-gentrified New York City, Goldin’s photography is a readymade mood board.

Months After Being Closed, Three Museums Reconsider Their Photography Exhibitions

In the wake of the pandemic and worldwide protests, exhibitions that address climate change, civil rights, and Black photographers take on new resonance.

The Fashion Image after Nan Goldin

If fashion photography is defined by artifice, why does the industry crave rawness and reality?

George Floyd, Gordon Parks, and the Ominous Power of Photographs

From the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter, can images help fight injustice?

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