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Photographs by Thomas Allen



Thomas Allen selects the pulpiest of pulp paperbacks and then lovingly slices out a figure from the cover, gently folds it into position, and constructs a witty scene around it. In Thirst, a sultry dame reaches from her cover toward a guy with a bottle on a nearby volume; in Teeter a man careens toward the edge of a stack of paperbacks ready to topple.

Inspired by a love of pop-up books, Allen revels in taking on different roles in creating his scenarios: "In addition to being a photographer, I play talent scout, casting director, stage manager, lighting supervisor, and film editor." He photographs these engaging tableaux in shallow focus, rendering his prints with the dreamy effect seen in the View-Master stereoscopic toy that also inspired him.

Well suited to the three-dimensional heft of a board book, the images in Uncovered are combined into an almost toylike object that will delight photography lovers, graphic designers, and bibliophiles with a sense of humor.

THOMAS ALLEN (born 1963, Detroit) earned his MFA at the University of Minnesota in 1996 and his BFA from Wayne State University in Detroit in 1991. He received the prestigious McKnight Artist Fellowship for Photographers in 1997 and a fellowship from the Minnesota State Arts Board in 2000. A resident of Coloma, Michigan, he is represented by Foley Gallery, New York, and Thomas Barry Fine Arts, Minneapolis.


Photographs by Thomas Allen
Foreword by Chip Kidd
Designed by Francesca Richer
7 x 8 1/2 inches
48 pages
27 four-color images
Fall 2007