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Aperture's 2013 Traveling Exhibitions

Six traveling exhibitions to follow this Spring 2013.

 - February 14, 2013

Aperture organizes a number of traveling exhibitions each calendar year. Be sure to visit these six spring shows if you’re in the area:

Aperture Gallery in New York City hosted the reGeneration 2 exhibition in early 2011. The show is scheduled to open at the Devos Art Museum in Marquette, Michigan, on February 22.

The Edge of Vision: Abstraction in Contemporary Photography

Louisiana Museum of Art and Science
January 16–April 14

On Thursday, February 28, the Louisiana Museum of Art and Science will host “Art After Hours: Photography at the Edge.” Louisiana State University assistant professor Kristine Thompson will guide visitors through The Edge of Vision, which was curated by Lyle Rexer, author of  The Edge of Vision: The Rise of Abstraction in Photography (Aperture, 2009) and features abstract imagery in all forms. The Aperture gallery hosted The Edge of Vision exhibition in May 2009.

Chuck Close: A Couple Ways of Doing Something

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa
February 7–March 31

An exhibition of work by Chuck Close, A Couple Ways of Doing Something features fifteen daguerrotypes of leading contemporary artists, including Andres Serrano and Cindy Sherman. Close’s daguerrotype prints are accompanied by Bob Holman’s witty and beautifully typset poetry.

The Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards

Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, New York
February 15–March 31

Last year, Paris Photo and Aperture Foundation hosted the inaugural Paris Photo—Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards. This accompanying exhibition features the thirty outstanding books shortlisted for the First Photobook and Photobook of the Year prizes. Look out for City Diary (Volumes 1–3) by Anders Peterson (Steidl, 2012), which was selected as PhotoBook of the Year, and Concresco by David Galjaard (self-published, 2012), which won $10,000 in the First PhotoBook category.

reGeneration(2): Tomorrow’s Photographers Today

The DeVos Art Museum, Marquette, Michigan
February 25–April 7

reGeneration(2) will open at the DeVos Art Museum on February 25. The exhibition features a collection of work from the world’s best up-and-coming photographers. The Aperture Gallery showcased this exhibition January 2011.

Paul Strand: The Mexican Portfolio

Louisville Art Center, Louisville, Kentucky
March 15–May 12

The Mexican Portfolio, originally titled “Photographs of Mexico,” features twenty of Strand’s photogravure images depicting the people, landscapes, architecture, and objects he encountered in Mexico between 1932–1933. The photos are drawn from the collection of the Paul Strand Archive of Aperture Foundation.

The New York Times Magazine Photographs

Centro de Extensión, Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile
April 15–May 31

The New York Times Magazine Photographs exhibition, which consists of 126 works by thirty-five artists, celebrates eclecticism in magazine photography—from photojournalism to fashion photography and portraiture. Curated by New York Times Magazine photo editor Kathy Ryan, the show features pieces by Lynsey Addario, Gregory Crewdson, Mitch Epstein, Nan Goldin, Annie Liebovitz, Mary Ellen Mark, Steve McCurry, and more.