Aperture's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

From iconic monographs by master photographers to groundbreaking, never-before-published work, we offer titles for everyone on your holiday list.

Aperture’s 2019 publications feature work by iconic master photographers and groundbreaking, emerging artists alike. These include Gail Albert Halaban’s Italian Views, in which she offers an intimate look at the private lives of ordinary Italian people; and Antwaun Sargent’s The New Black Vanguard, bringing together some of the most influential fashion photographers of our time. Below, we’ve gathered both new and classic Aperture titles that are sure to inspire everyone on your holiday list.

Must-Haves for Photography Lovers


The cover of Nan Goldin's "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency"

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency is Nan Goldin’s visual diary, chronicling the struggle for intimacy and understanding between friends, family, and lovers—collectively described by Goldin as her “tribe.” Her work captures a world that is visceral, charged, and seething with life. First published in 1986, this 2012 reissue recognizes the persistent relevance and freshness of Nan Goldin’s cutting-edge photography.

The cover of Josef Koudelka: Gypsies

Gypsies: Photographs by Josef Koudelka

One of the seminal photobooks of the twentieth century, Josef Koudelka’s Gypsies offers an intimate glimpse into Europe’s Roma communities between 1962 and 1971. Aperture first published this work in 1975, before releasing an extended edition in 2011. Now, we’re revisiting this foundational body of work again in a new, mini paperback edition with updated texts by Stuart Alexander and Roma scholar and sociologist Will Guy.

Cover, Stephen Shore Selected Works
Stephen Shore: Selected Works, 1973–1981

Stephen Shore’s Uncommon Places is a canonic body of work—a touchstone for those interested in photography and the American landscape. Remarkably, this series of hundreds of photographs has yet to be explored in its entirety. In this volume, Aperture invited an international group of fifteen photographers, curators, authors, and cultural figures—such as Wes Anderson, Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Taryn Simon—to select ten images apiece from this rarely seen cache of images.

Give the Gift of Inspiration



Cover of Sasha Wolf's "PhotoWork"


PhotoWork: Forty Photographers on Process and Practice

How does a photographic project or series evolve? How important are “style” and “genre”? What comes first—the photographs or a concept? PhotoWork is a collection of interviews by a wide range of photographers—including Gregory Halpern, Todd Hido, Alec Soth, and Rinko Kawauchi—about their approach to making a sustained a body of work.


cover of Dawoud Bey workshop book

Dawoud Bey on Photographing People and Communities

In the latest from our Photography Workshop Series, Dawoud Bey offers insights into portrait photography. Through images and words, he shares his own creative process and discusses a wide range of issues—from how he approaches strangers and establishes relationships, to how he sensitively represents communities.

cover, Aperture Conversations

Aperture Conversations: 1985 to the Present

What led Stephen Shore to work with color? Why was Sophie Calle accused of stealing Vermeer’s The ConcertAperture Conversations presents a selection of interviews pulled from Aperture’s publishing history, highlighting critical dialogue between photographers, esteemed critics, curators, editors, and artists from 1985 to the present.

For the Style Savant


Cover, The New Black Vanguard

The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion

In The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion, curator and critic Antwaun Sargent addresses a radical transformation taking place in art and fashion today, highlighting the work of fifteen contemporary Black photographers rethinking the possibilities of representation.

Cover, Fashion Photography: The Story in 180 Pictures

Fashion Photography: The Story in 180 Pictures

Fashion photography captures our desires and fantasies about how we present ourselves to the world, while reflecting the changing values of our culture and society. Fashion Photography: The Story in 180 Pictures explores the profound influence that fashion photography has had over the past eight decades, presenting its evolution as a language, and a genre, while showcasing some of its most glamorous moments.

Cover, Dandy Lion

Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style

Suits that pop with loud colors and dazzling patterns, complete with a nearly ubiquitous bowtie, define the style of the new “dandy.” Described as “high-styled rebels” by author Shantrelle P. Lewis, Black men with a penchant for color and refined fashion have gained popular attention in recent years. Lewis’s carefully curated selection of contemporary photographs surveys the movement across the globe, with all of the vibrant patterns, electrifying colors, and fanciful poses of this brilliant style subculture.

For the True New Yorker


Cover, Manhattan Sunday

Manhattan Sunday

Drawing heavily on personal experience, Richard Renaldi captures that ethereal moment when Saturday night bleeds into Sunday morning across the borough of Manhattan. This collection of portraits, landscapes, and club interiors evokes the vibrant nighttime rhythms of a city that persists in both its decadence and its dreams.

Cover, Brooklyn

Brooklyn: The City Within

Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb have been photographing this New York City borough for the past five years, creating a profound and vibrant portrait. The two artists took individual approaches to capturing the borough: Alex photographed across the various neighborhoods and Rebecca focused on the three green spaces in the heart of Brooklyn—the “green city within the city”—in both images and words. Together, their photographs of Brooklyn tell a larger American story, one that touches on immigration, identity, and home.

Ethan James Green, Young New York cover

Ethan James Green: Young New York

Ethan James Green’s first monograph presents a selection of striking portraits of New York’s Millennial scene-makers, a gloriously diverse cast of models, artists, nightlife icons, queer youth, and gender binary–flouting muses of the fashion world and beyond. Young New York announces a bright young talent who is redefining beauty and identity for a new generation. Collect the limited edition portfolio here.



Cover, Italian Views

Gail Albert Halaban: Italian Views

Through Gail Albert Halaban’s lens, the viewer is welcomed into the private lives of ordinary Italian people. Her photographs explore the conventions and tensions of urban lifestyles, feelings of isolation in the city, and the intimacies of home and daily life. Francine Prose’s wonderful essay discusses the curious thrill of being a viewer. This invitation to imagine the lives of neighbors across windows renders the characters and settings personal and mysterious.

Cover, Provincetown, Joel Meyerowitz


Throughout the late 1970s and early ’80s, Joel Meyerowitz spent his summers in Provincetown, a safe haven for the queer community and a getaway for artists. Provincetown collects one hundred exquisite, sharply observed portraits—most never before published—of families, couples, children, artists, and other denizens of the progressive community.

cover of Aperture magazine "Mexico City" issue

Aperture magazine issue #236, “Mexico City”

The Fall 2019 issue of Aperture magazine considers the thriving photography scene in Mexico City, North America’s largest metropolis. “Mexico City” features leading photographers, curators, and other creative people who are shaping the visual culture of a city that, as the writer Álvaro Enrigue notes, “always returns as a stronger and more brilliant version of itself.”

For the Socially Conscious



Cover, Judy Glickman Lauder, Beyond the Shadows

Judy Glickman Lauder: Beyond the Shadows: The Holocaust and the Danish Exception

Over the past thirty years, Judy Glickman Lauder has photographed the intensity of the death camps in Germany, Poland, and former Czechoslovakia. Beyond the Shadows responds to the mass murder of Jews during the Holocaust, while telling the uplifting story of how the citizens and leadership of Denmark, under occupation and at tremendous risk, defied the Third Reich to transport the country’s Jews to safety in Sweden.

Cover, Through Positive Eyes

Through Positive Eyes

A collaborative photo-storytelling project by 130 people living with HIV and AIDS around the world, this book chronicles a very particular moment in the epidemic, when effective treatment is available to some, not all, and when the enduring stigma associated with HIV and AIDS has become entrenched. Participants in the project have volunteered to tell their stories, in words and in photographs, empowering themselves in order to banish stigma.

cover, Border Cantos

Border Cantos

Since 2004, Richard Misrach and Guillermo Galindo have been documenting the two-thousand-mile border between the US and Mexico. The resulting book, Border Cantos, is a unique and timely study of America’s borderlands, featuring several suites of photographs by Misrach alongside two-dozen sculpture-instruments, graphic scores, and instrument designs by Galindo.

For a limited time, purchase Border Cantos at a discount, and Richard Misrach and Guillermo Galindo will donate 100% of their royalties to Arizona humanitarian organization No More Deaths.


For Lovers of the Landscape


Cover, Picturing America's National Parks

Picturing America’s National Parks

Picturing America’s National Parks brings together some of the finest landscape photography from America’s most magnificent and sacred environments. Photography has played an integral role in both the formation of the National Parks and in the depiction of America itself. This book traces that history and delights readers with stunning photographs of the best American landscapes.

Cover, Aperture magazine "Earth" issue

Aperture magazine issue #234, “Earth

In the age of climate change, how are photographers and artists envisioning dramatically politicized landscapes? This issue of Aperture explores how photographers, artists, and writers—David Benjamin Sherry, Carolyn Drake, Gideon Mendel, William Finnegan, Eva Díaz, and others—grapple with visualizing the politics and poetics of our environment.

Cover, The Open Road

The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip

The road trip is an enduring symbol in American culture that has spurred some of the most important photographs in the history of the medium—from images by Walker Evans, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Berenice Abbott, to Robert Frank’s 1950s odyssey, The Americans. From Stephen Shore to Ryan McGinley, hundreds of other photographers have continued this tradition, and The Open Road is the first book to explore the photographic road trip as a genre.

For Curious Minds


Cover, Seeing Science

Seeing Science: How Photography Reveals the Universe

Photography and science have long been intertwined. Seeing Science offers an insightful and reader-friendly collection of essays and pictures about photography’s role in visualizing science and building human knowledge—from micro to macro levels and everything in between.

Cover, Photography is Magic

Photography Is Magic

A critical publication that surveys the practices of over eighty artists—all of whom are engaged with experimental approaches to photographic ideas, set within the contemporary image environment—Photography Is Magic provides an engaging physical experience for younger photo aficionados, students, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of contemporary photography.

Cover, This is Mars, Midi edition

This Is Mars: Midi Edition

This Is Mars offers a thrilling visual experience of the surface of the Red Planet. Award-winning French editor and designer Xavier Barral chose and composed images drawn from the comprehensive photographic map of Mars, made by the US observation satellite MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter), to revel in the wonder of the planet.

For the Collector


Cover, Diane Arbus Box of Ten

Diane Arbus: A box of ten photographs

In 1971, Artforum featured the work of a photographer for the very first time. On the magazine’s cover and in a six-page spread, it announced the publication of a portfolio by Diane Arbus, and in the words of the magazine’s editor, Philip Leider, “the portfolio changed everything . . . one could no longer deny [photography’s] status as art.” The only instance in which Arbus curated her own work for the public, Diane Arbus: A box of ten photographs is a stunning large-format reproduction of the artist’s iconic portfolio.

Deana Lawson: An Aperture Monograph (Limited Edition)

Deana Lawson is one of the most compelling artists of her generation; her photographs portray the personal and the powerful. This special, signed, limited-edition version of her highly anticipated first volume, Deana Lawson: An Aperture Monograph, features rose-gold gilded pages, a luxurious slipcase, and a custom tipped-on C-print of Lawson’s iconic portrait The Garden (2015).

Cover, Erwin Olaf, I Am

Erwin Olaf: I Am

The first comprehensive survey of Erwin Olaf’s work brings together his earliest images in black and white with his now-iconic color work. This chronological presentation traces the evolution of the artist from cheeky provocateur to royal portraitist, as well as the refinement of his unique vision and stylistic panache over the last four decades.

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