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Dutch PhotoBooks, Old and New

Some recent reviews of new and classic Dutch photobooks.

 - September 4, 2012
the sweet life; phonebook spreads

Spreads of Ed van der Elsken’s The Sweet Life, from The Dutch Photobook

Dutch photobooks, old and new, have been getting some attention in the photography blog world. Jeffrey Ladd (who guest edited The Photobook Review 001) reviewed Ed van der Elsken’s The Sweet Life for Lightbox. The Sweet Life was included in The Dutch Photobook, our history of photographic book publishing in the Netherlands.  Ladd’s Errata Editions is publishing a reissue of The Sweet Life this year.

Joerg Colberg reviewed The Netherlands – Off the Shelf, by Hans van der Meer.  Previous books by van der Meer, like Hallandse Velden (Dutch Fields), were also featured in The Dutch Photobook.

For more on Dutch photography publishing, check out an excerpt of a lecture by Frits Gierstberg, co-editor of The Dutch Photobook and curator of the Netherlands Photomuseum.

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