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Photography Changes Everything Panel 09/26 – Recap

A brief summary in images and tweets.

 - September 27, 2012

A brief summary in images and tweets of our Photography Changes Everything Panel, moderated by Marvin Heiferman, in discussion with Wendy EwaldMerry Foresta, former director of the Smithsonian Photography Initiative, and Carol Squiers, curator at the International Museum of Photography. 

@aperturefnd: Where one encounters an image can make the difference, as can the info that is attached. “Context is everything” #IsThisPhotography #PCE

Marvin Heiferman at the Photography Changes Everything panel


@aperturefnd: “The Smithsonian was changed by photography—you might say that it was built by photography.” –Merry Foresta #PCE @americanart

Denise Wolff at the Photography Changes Everything panel

@aperturefnd: “As photography is being transformed, so is our relationship to reality and to each other.” – @whywelook #PCE #PhotographyChangesEverything

Presented by Aperture Foundation, Photography Changes Everything: In Conversation, a panel exploring photography’s central role in shaping our public and private—as well as our rational and fantasy—lives, was held at Aperture Gallery on Wednesday, September 26, 2012.  

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