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MAGNUM at 70

New York Photobook Masterclass

Saturday, June 17 – Sunday, June 18

9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Neuehouse Madison Square 110 East 25th Street New York, NY


Join Lesley Martin, Creative Director of Aperture, Magnum photographers Larry Towell, Olivia Arthur, and Mikhael Subotzky and Jamie Johnston of Tangent Distribution for a two-day workshop exploring the process of creating and publishing photo books – starting from the very first stages of editing a project into a book, to concept, design, editing, audience and funding. The workshop will include invaluable inspiration and practical advice for early and mid-career photographers – those that have a completed book, an ongoing project they wish to eventually publish as a book, or those interested in learning more about the bookmaking process in general.

Workshop admission also includes a ticket to the one-day symposium, Magnum Photos Now —Photobooks: History, Future, Form taking place at ICP on Wednesday 21 June 2017, from 10.00am-5.30pm.

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New York Photobook Masterclass