In her series My Life as a Sim, Stacia Yeapanis explores the simulated-reality computer game The Sims 2. Yeapanis is on the cutting edge of new media, innovating new approaches to the creation of art. Through her work, we explore the existential significance of entertainment media and how it can shape our concept of identity.

Regarding her project, Yeapanis remarks, "My initial interest stemmed from the nature of the game, in which players pursue their own purposes and perform their own subjectivity by using their avatars [Sims] as extensions of themselves. Gameplay becomes an ongoing negotiation of the self. There's no way to win the game, unless you perceive that you've won."

Stacia Yeapanis (born in Newport News, Virginia, 1977) holds a BA in German from Oberlin College and an MFA in studio art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work is included in both the rotating Midwest Photographers Collection and the permanent collection at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago. Yeapanis was one of three artists whose work was included in MP3: Volume II: Midwest Photographers Project, copublished in 2009 by Aperture and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago.


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