Latest Stories

For a New World to Come

Curator Yasufumi Nakamori discusses his game-changing show of Japanese photography with Aperture magazine editor Michael Famighetti.

The PhotoBook Review: Collecting the Japanese Photobook, Part Two

A conversation with Manfred Heiting from The PhotoBook Review 008.

Takashi Homma's Tokyo Obscura

An excerpt from a portfolio in Aperture magazine #219, Summer 2015, “Tokyo.”

Kikuji Kawada in conversation with Ryuichi Kaneko

An excerpt from a conversation focusing on Kawada’s early career and the making of The Map.

Tokyo Aperture #219 – Editors' Note

Aperture magazine’s editors on our Summer 2015 issue and the vast photography landscape in Tokyo.

Tokyo Diary

Aperture magazine’s editors spent three weeks in Tokyo researching and assembling our Summer issue of the magazine, dedicated to photography from Japan.

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