Leading up to the opening of Ametsuchi at Aperture Gallery, Rinko Kawauchi led an insightful workshop over the weekend of September 14 and 15. Students spent a rare eight hours with the Japanese artist, working through presentations and conducting a portfolio review. The course cultivated an intuitive approach to all aspects of photographic workflow, from shooting to bookmaking, and students were left with a refreshed conception of the poetics of photography.

From the students:

“Rinko’s ability to expand on ideas about process and the nature of photography was very helpful.”
“The discussion was enlightening . . .”

Join Rinko Kawauchi for a weekend workshop intended for the amateur and professional photographer seeking to re-examine his or her photographic practice. Through presentation, critique, and discussion, Kawauchi will provide students with the vocabulary required to articulate the intentions behind their work; the skills to effectively sequence and present their work; and strategies for professional growth. The workshop will commence with the friendly discussion of student portfolios, during which each student will receive personalized feedback and tasks for improvement. The discussion will continue around techniques for directly and spontaneously photographing the world around you. The main objectives of the workshop are to visually investigate human relationships, desires, and aspirations; explore new photographic avenues; and to diversify students’ creative palettes. Participants in the workshop should have a dedicated body of work that they feel comfortable sharing with others. Coffee and light snacks will be served.

Born in Shiga, Japan, in 1972, Rinko Kawauchi Lives and works in Tokyo. She began her career with the sensational, simultaneous publication of three books: UTATANE, HANABI,and HANAKO (Little More, 2001). With these works, she became recognized for her uncanny ability to photographically transform everyday details into significant existential ruminations. Since her debut, Kawauchi has published numerous monographs, including Illuminance (Aperture, 2011) and Ametsuchi (Aperture, 2013), and been widely exhibited, including shows at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography; ARGOS Centre for Art and Media, Brussels; Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo; Photographers’ Gallery, London; and Foundation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris. Kawauchi received a 2009 ICP Infinity Award and took the Grand Prix Prize at the Guardian Garden’s 9th Hitotsubo Exhibition in 1997.

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