Recap: 2014 Aperture Summer Open Opening Reception

A recap of the Aperture Summer Open opening reception on July 17th, 2014 at Aperture gallery.

On Thursday, July 17, we welcomed participating photographers and the general public to Aperture Gallery in Chelsea for the opening reception of the Aperture Summer Open exhibition, an open-submission exhibition about the character of photography now, to which all photographers were invited to submit work. The theme of the first Summer Open is photography itself, with the work of ninety-seven photographers selected by Aperture’s executive director, Chris Boot. In addition to the single images selected for display on the wall, thirty-three artists’ full series (ten images each) were selected for digital projection. Before the opening, Chris Boot invited the participating photographers on a tour of Aperture’s gallery and office.

See the full list of photographers included in the exhibition here.

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All images © Max Campbell.