The Best Photography Features of 2017

Aperture brings you this year’s highlights in photography and ideas.


Gender is a Playground

From Aperture’s “Future Gender” issue, Zackary Drucker and Kate Bornstein discuss pioneers, politics, and the next frontier in gender expression.

Erotic Voyeurs of Japanese Photography

Three celebrated photographers push the limits of sexuality and surveillance.

These Radical Black Women Changed the Art World

Jessica Lynne speaks with the curators behind the Brooklyn Museum’s landmark exhibition about the revolutionary artists who transformed American culture.

The Lives of Samuel Fosso

The acclaimed photographer pushes self-portraiture into new realms of gender-bending theatricality.

Why Aren’t There Any Famous Asian American Photographers?

Three young artists discuss the histories, struggles, and complexities of making photographs in America today.

Collier Schorr: Humanity, Visibility, Power

From Aperture’s “Elements of Style” issue, is the world finally ready for Collier Schorr’s women?

The Radical Notion That Women Are People

Are we living in a state of emergency feminism?

Is Andrew Tshabangu the Unsung Hero of South African Photography?

In searing and poetic images, Andrew Tshabangu chronicles Johannesburg in the age of democracy.

You Can Never Be Too Rich

In Lauren Greenfield’s chronicle of American wealth, the desire for status is insatiable.

Learning to See: Photography at Black Mountain College

How a small, liberal-arts college became a birthplace of modern photography.

The Cult of Walter Pfeiffer

Delighting in male beauty and gender play, a prolific Swiss photographer reinvented the rules of attraction.

The Unfinished Work of the Civil Rights Movement

LaToya Ruby Frazier and Kellie Jones reflect on political photography from Selma to Flint.

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