Aperture Conversations

Looking at Houseplants with Daniel Gordon, Simon Arizpe, and Denise Wolff

Thursday, November 19

6:00 p.m. EST

Join Aperture for a behind-the-scenes look at Houseplants with artist Daniel Gordon, pop-up engineer Simon Arizpe, and Aperture senior editor Denise Wolff. Inspired by his interest in the popularity of certain subjects on the internet—houseplants among them—Gordon meticulously cuts up pictures found online to create sculptural and fantastical still lifes. He uses photography not to show reality, but to present a new version of it. The limited-edition pop-up book renders Gordon’s sculptural forms into a new layer of materiality, brought to life in book form with help from Arizpe. Houseplants consists of six new works—some featuring simple plant forms, others more elaborate tableaux.















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