Shannon: New Work by the 2013 Graduates of the Yale University School of Art Photography Program
July 18 - August 15, 2013

Shannon is presented by the 2013 MFA Graduates of the Yale School of Art Photography Program: Marzena Abrahamik, Endia Beal, Elizabeth Bick, Johanna Case-Hofemeister, Tommy Kha, Michael Marcelle, Sophie Ruspoli, Justin Schmitz, Sadie Wechsler, and Rick Yribe. Aperture Foundation is pleased to host this group exhibition as part of its commitment to emerging photographers.

This is the graduates’ collective artist statement:

Shannon is a collective consciousness, muse, and unifier between artists who have profoundly impacted one another. Shannon is a creation by ten classmates, recent graduates of the Yale MFA Photography program, as a way to express their individual work while at the same time sharing their varied experiences as students and colleagues. Under rigorous and constant evaluation, the artists continuously attempt to find new ways of working through a diverse range of contemporary issues in photographic seeing.

In honor of Shannon, the artists are presenting their work out of the original context of their individual theses, with works installed and interwoven to allow for new relationships and conversations to emerge.

Shannon examines the necessity and risk of being in one’s own work. Shannon investigates the transformation of the street and the exploration of landscape through fantastic and optical manipulations. Shannon deals with the intervention of performance in both staged and improvisational methods of picture making.

Shannon is not necessarily a consequence or result of the artists’ time together but rather the deep connection they all share despite their disparate approaches and practices. Shannon is this unique experience the artists leave behind as they pursue their own paths and voices.

This exhibition is dedicated to him, her, them, and us.