The PhotoBook Review
#010, Spring 2016

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Features and Columns

Editor’s NoteStanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

Publisher’s NoteLesley A. Martin

Publisher’s ProfileRuben Lundgren in conversation with Yuan Di, Jiazazhipress

Designer SpotlightLesley A. Martin in conversation with Antonio De Luca

The PhotoBook and the ArchiveStanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

Notes for a History of the PhotoBook and the ArchiveWith contributions by
Marco Breuer, David Company,
Jason Fulford, Michael Lesy,
Susan Meiselas, and Brian Ulrich

Marco Breuer onMike Mandel and Larry Sultan Evidence

Kristen Lubben onZoe Leonard and Cheryl DunyeThe Fae Richards Photo Archive

Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa in
conversation with
David Campany

Andrew Stefan Weiner onMarcel BroodthaersMusée d’Art Moderne, Départment des Aigles, Section Publicité

Jason Fulford on the New York Public Library The Picture Collection

CenterfoldThe Picture Collection

Notes for a History of the PhotoBook and the Archive, continued With Contributions by Melissa Catanese, Ron Jude, Erik Kessels, Mike Mandel, Renée Mussai, Lorie Novak, Eva Respini, Thomas Sauvin, John Tagg, Penelope Umbrico, Matthew Vollgraff, Brendan Wattenberg, Andrew Stefan Weiner, Ofer Wolberger, Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa, and Francesco Zanot


Justine Kurland onMariken WesselsTaking Off. Henry My Neighbor

Tim Carpenter onMichael SchmellingMy Blank Pages

Eugénie Shinkle onAdam Broomberg & Oliver ChanarinSpirit is a Bone

Kate Palmer Albers onTaisuke KoyamaRainbow Variations

Jon Uriarte onMariela SancariMoisés

Sarah Bay Gachot onEva Respini, ED.Walid Raad

Vicki Goldberg onDarcy Grimaldo GrigsbyEnduring Truths: Sojourner’s Shadows and Substance

Adam Bell onEduardo Cadava and Gabriela NouzeillesThe Itinerant Languages
of Photography

Doug DuBois onChris KillipIn Flagrante Two