Issue 014 - Spring 2018

The PhotoBook Review Issue 014

Guest edited by Deirdre Donohue, who brings her bibliographic and bibliophilic knowledge to this issue. Donohue is assistant director of the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs at the New York Public Library. Formerly, she was the Stephanie Shuman Director of Library, Archives, and Museum Collections at the International Center of Photography in New York.


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Guest Editor Deirdre Donohue leads an exploration of the informal system of collections and libraries that care for the photobook, a network of connoisseurship that supports the community via the purchase, conservation, and discovery of individual volumes. Donohue brought together a group of collectors, institutional librarians, and artists working with book collections to explore this topic and illustrate how libraries can cultivate communities that contribute to the future of bookmaking. An international group of book collectors—from Terry Kurgan, to Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche and Manfred Heiting—talk about what, why, and how they collect. A small set of special collections and librarians is profiled in “Hidden, Iconoclastic, and Classic Libraries of PhotoBooks.” In addition, Russet Lederman of 10×10 Photobooks interviews curator Yumi Goto, speaking about the project space Reminders Photography Stronghold; and artist Ishiuchi Miyako reflects on her bookmaking practice. Highlights from the Reviews section include Kristen Lubben on Laia Abril, Christoph Wiesner on Carolina Caycedo, Lori Salmon on Artists Who Make Books, and Amanda Maddox on Carmen Winant.

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Editor’s Note
Deirdre Donohue

Publisher’s Note
Lesley A. Martin

Workshop Spotlight
Russet Lederman in conversation with Yumi Goto, Reminders Photography Stronghold

Bookmaker Profile
Ishiuchi Miyako: Reflections on Photobooks
Translated by Linda Hoaglund

On the Art of Collecting
with Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche, Ed Grazda, Manfred Heiting, Terry Kurgan, and Larissa Leclair
Compiled by Sarah Dansberger and Lesley A. Martin

Library as Studio/Artists on the Library
Dierdre Donahue

Including Carl DeKeyser, Melissa Dubbin and Aaron S. Davidson, Philippe Gronon, Alain Resais, and Taryn Simon

CenterfoldThe Oakes Twins: Camera Obscura on the NYPL

A Decidedly Unauthoratative Guide to Hidden, Iconoclastic, and Classic Libraries of PhotoBooks
Deirdre Donahue with Irène Attinger, Matthew Carson, Jon Evans, Ken Fox, Deborah Hollis, Mariela Sancari, David Senior, and Eric Taubman


Christoph Wiesner on
Carolina Caycedo, Serpent River Book

Sean Corcoran on
Sean Vegezzi, DMYCC

Lori Salmon on
Artists Who Make Books (Andrew Roth, Philip E. Aarons, and Claire Lehmann, eds.)

Leandro Villaro on
Pablo Cabado,Psyche

Jovonna Jones on
Khalik Allah, Souls Against the Concrete

Kristen Lubben on
Laia Abril, On Abortion

Amanda Maddox on
Carmen Winant, My Birth

Wilco Versteeg on
Harry Gruyaert, Roots and East/West

Bernard Yenelouis on
Michael Disqué and Roman Ehrlich, The Theater of War

Rita Leistner on
Stephen Ferry and Elizabeth Ferry, La Batea, Impressions of Gold in Colombia

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