Issue #017 - Fall 2019

The PhotoBook Review Issue 017

Guest edited by Carmen Winant, whose creative practice involves “creation and transformation, an Ouroborus in which printed material is both created and destroyed.” Her photobooks, such as Body Index (2020), and My Birth (2018), have been informed by her deeply held commitment to feminism.


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In this issue, Guest Editor Carmen Winant explores the ways the printed page has functioned as an autonomous and radical site of artistic expression—in particular, for artists with a feminist agenda. Posing the question “What is a feminist photobook?” she examines how feminists—artists, activists, and human beings—have used the form to meet their needs, and what is already inherently feminist. A group of writers, curators, and artists expands this notion with spotlights on works that encompass a wide range of printed matter, including Yxta Maya Murray on Laura Aguilar’s unpublished letters, Johanna Fateman on Ramdasha Bikceem’s riot grrrl zines of the 1990s, and Drew Sawyer on Jo Spence’s Putting Myself in the Picture. Multidisciplinary artist Sable Elyse Smith speaks with poet Simone White about bookmaking, hierarchy in the art world, and more. Designer Sara Duell contributes a piece titled “Feminist Design as a Method, Not Aesthetics”; and Agnès Sire, Diane Dufour, and Josef Koudelka, among others, memorialize publisher Xavier Barral. Issue 017 also presents the eighth year of books shortlisted for the Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards.

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Publisher Profile
In Remembrance: Xavier Barral
Featuring contributions by the Éditions Xavier Barral Team, Diane Dufour, Martin Parr, Josef Koudelka, Agnés Sire, and Terri Weifenbach

Editors’ NoteBrendan Embser and Lesley A. Martin in conversation with Guest Editor Carmen Winant

Design Spotlight: Feminist Design as a Method, Not AestheticsSara Duell

The Printed Page as Feminist Space
Introduction by Carmen Winant
Contributions by Jenni Crain, Sara Cwynar, Johanna Fateman, Laura Guy, Michiko Kasahara, Justine Kurland, Yxta Maya Murray, Mariela Sancari, and Drew Sawyer

Sable Elyse Smith
A conversation with Simone White

Carmen Winant

The 2019 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards Shortlist
With Amanda Maddox, Lesley A. Martin, Joanna Milter, Drew Sawyer, and Christoph Wiesner


Women War Photographers: From Lee Miller to Anja Niedringhaus
Haleh Anvari on Anne-Marie Beckmann and Felicity Korn, eds.

Tupac Biggie
Stephen Hilger on Dana Lixenberg

Inventions 1915–1938, from the Gas Mask to the Washing Machine
Sara Knelman on Luce Lebart, ed.

Moyra Davey
Jennifer Blessing

Patria o Muerte
Lyle Rexer on Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo

April Dawn Alison
Glen Helfand

Whit Kind Regrets Pasenau
Nina Strand on Maria Pasenau

Everyone Is Present: Essays on Photography, Memory and Family
Oluremi C. Onabanjo on Terry Kurgan

Why Photo Magazines?
A conversation with Vince Aletti and Ivan Vartanian

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