Issue #016 - Spring 2019

The PhotoBook Review Issue 016

Guest edited by Federica Chiocchetti, a writer, curator, editor, and lecturer specializing in photography, fictions, and words. Through her on- and offline platform The Photocaptionist, she collaborates with institutions such as The Photographers’ Gallery, Fotomuseum Winterthur, and Foam.


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In Issue 016, Guest Editor Federica Chiocchetti explores both the history and contemporary practice of “image-text” or “photo-text” books. Chiocchetti, who has cultivated a highly developed, obsessive niche within the larger photobook ecosystem, invited over twenty contributors to evaluate the possibilities when language and images are given equal weight in a book, and how these shape meaning. The key feature offers “An Annotated Bibliography of the Photo-Text Book: 1864–1985,” with contributions from Clara Bouveresse, Rémi Coignet, Hannah Darabi, Jovanna Jones, Oluremi C. Onabanjo, David Solo, and many more. Jelena Stojkovic and Miho Odaka consider the relationship of image and text in relation to the Japanese photobook in “Language as Symbol.” Image Text Ithaca Press is profiled by Olga Yatskevich; and a group of designers, including Elana Schlenker and Izet Sheshivari, talk about typesetting and design as choreography. Reviews include Andrea Jösch on Martin Weber, Sean O’Toole on Guy Tillim, and Khairani Barokka on Michelle Dizon and Viêt Lê, among others.

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Publisher’s Note
Lesley A. Martin

Editor’s Note
Federica Chiocchetti, The Photocaptionist

Publisher Profile: Image Text Ithaca Press
Olga Yatskevich

Design Spotlight: Design as Choreography
Compiled by Matthieu Nicol
Featuring Ania Nałęcka, Ramon Pez, Elana Schlenker, and Izet Sheshivari

What Is a Photo-Text Book?Federica Chiocchetti

An Annotated Bibliography of the Photo-Text Book: 1864–1985
Featuring contributions by Jan Baetens, Mélanie Bétrisey, Clara Bouveresse, R.mi Coignet, Hannah Darabi, Tim Davis, Frédérique Deschamps, Frédérique Destribats, Alexa Dilworth, Horacio Fernández, Laura Gasparini, Sarah E. James, Raffaella Perna, Jennifer Reeves, Aaron Schuman, David Solo, and Tim Soter

Elisabeth Tonnard and Jason Fulford

An Annotated Bibliography of the Photo-Text Book: 1988–ongoing
Featuring contributions by Laia Abril, Andrea Cortellessa, Jim Goldberg, Jovonna Jones, Pino Musi, Oluremi C. Onabanjo, Clare Strand, Penelope Umbrico, and Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

Language as Symbol
Jelena Stojković and Miho Odaka

Federica Chiocchetti in conversation with Victor Burgin

These Queer PhotoBooks Changed My Life
Compiled by Brendan Embser and Matthew Leifheit

Featuring contributions by Horace D. Ballard, Joan E. Biren, Deborah Bright, Shannon Ebner, Philip Gefter, Laura Guy, Jonathan D. Katz, Kayode Ojo, David Benjamin Sherry, Ka-Man Tse, and Timothy Young

Dreams Revised:Remembering the Manfred Heiting Collection
Anne Wilkes Tucker

Features and Columns



Museum of the Revolution
Sean O’Toole on Guy Tillim

Bees & The BearableYining He on Chen Zhe

White Gaze
Khairani Barokka on Michelle Dizon and Viêt Lê

No More No Less
Louise Fedotov-Clements on Kensuke Koike and Thomas Sauvin

Margins of Excess
Stefan Vanthuyne on Max Pinckers

Dos Imperial
Danaé Panchaud on Bruno Aeberli and Pauline Piguet

Map of Latin American Dreams
Andrea Jösch on Martín Weber

The Universal Photographer
Caroline von Courten on Anne Geene and Arjan de Nooy

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