Issue #011 - Fall 2016

The PhotoBook Review Issue 011

Guest edited by Denise Wolff, senior editor at Aperture. She has spearheaded the commission of Aperture’s education-oriented titles, such as The Photographer’s Playbook (2014) and The Photography Workshop Series (2014–ongoing), in addition to children’s books by authors like Joel Meyerowitz, Jason Fulford, and Susan Meiselas.


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In this issue, Guest Editor Denise Wolff poses a series of questions that expand our ideas about what constitutes a photobook and whom we consider its audience. As proposed in the introduction to the section “The Accidental PhotoBook”: “it is a good time to consider other types of books that use photography, but are not considered photobooks qua photobooks.” Contributors, including Todd Hido, Laurie Simmons, Sonya Dyakova, Frish Brandt, John Gossage, and Paolo Ventura, advocate for their personal favorites in “Guilty Pleasures/Hidden Treasures,” selecting from cookbooks, crime dossiers, and sex manuals. Several roundups include Frédérique Destribats on children’s photobooks, Chris McCaw on photography manuals, Marvin Heiferman on photobooks about the moon, and others on urban architecture and interior design. Matthew Leifheit interviews Paul Schiek of TBW Books for the Publisher Profile, and Joseph Logan is featured in the Designer Spotlight. Reviews include Robert Adams on Gregory Halpern, LaToya Ruby Frazier on Invisible Man: Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison in Harlem (2016), Shantrelle P. Lewis on Jamel Shabazz, and Paula Kupfer on Guadalupe Ruiz. Issue 011 also presents the books shortlisted for the 2016 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards.

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Editor’s Note
Denise Wolff

Publisher’s Note
Lesley A. Martin

Publisher Profile
Matthew Leifheit in conversation with Paul Schiek, TBW Books

Designer Spotlight
A conversation with Joseph Logan

The Accidental PhotoBook
Denise Wolff

The Masters Make Cookbooks

Guilty Pleasures/Hidden Treasures
With contributions by Darius Himes and Frish Brandt

Guilty Pleaseure/Hidden Treasures continued
With contributions by Alexa Dilworth, Sonya Dyakova, Joan Fontcuberta, John Gossage, Hans Gremmen, Todd Hido, Mutsuko Ota, Ed Panar, Christian Patterson, Laurie Simmons, Paolo Ventura

Frédérique Destribats on
Children’s PhotoBooks

Chris McCaw on Photography Manuals

Marvin Heiferman on
PhotoBooks of the Moon

Alan Rapp on
Illustrated Urban Architecture

Ivan Shaw on
Interior Design Books

PhotoBook ColoringBook
Selections by Martin Parr and Denise Wolff

We Sell Things You Don’t Need . . .
Amelia Lang in conversation with
Paulina Nassar and Nick Sarno, Press SF

The 2016 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards Shortlist


Justin Carville on
Eamonn Doyle

Peter Kayafas on
Terry Tempest Williams
The Hour of Land: A Personal Topography of America’s National Parks

Robert Adams on
Gregory HalpernZZYZX

LaToya Ruby Frazier on
Michal Raz-Russo, Ed.
Invisible Man: Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison in Harlem

Shantrelle P. Lewis on
Jamel Shabazz
Back in the Days Coloring Book

Charlotte Cotton on Kim Kardashian West

Jeffrey Ladd on Marie-Isabel Vogel and Alain Rappaport, Eds.Maximilian Stejskal-Folklig idrott

Paula Kupfer on Guadalupe RuizKleine Fotoenzyklopädie

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