The PhotoBook Review
#003, Fall 2012


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Features and Columns

Editor’s Note Joan Fontcuberta

Publisher’s Note Lesley A. Martin

Sequencing the Photobook, Part 2 Gerry Badger

Designer Profile: Yolanda Cuomo Darius Himes

Publisher Profile: La Azotea Leandro Villaro

The Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards 2012

Centerfold: First Monument to the Photobook Joan Fontcuberta

Interview: Rob Hornstra In Conversation with Jörg M. Colberg


Joan Fontcuberta on Julián Baron, Stephen Gill, Katja Stuke

Philip Gefter on Light Years: Conceptual Art and the Photograph: 1964–1977 and Rauschenberg: Photographs: 1949–1962

Barbara Tannenbaum on Stephen Shore

Marvin Heiferman on Berenice Abbott

Claudia Giannetti on Justin James Reed

Quentin Bajac on Olivier Cablat

Pablo Ortiz Monasterio on Paulo Nozolino

Diran Sirinian on Anne Sophie Merryman

Roberta Valtorta on Dirk-Jan Visser and Arthur Huizinga

Bruno Ceschel on Peter Puklus

Emmanuelle Waeckerle on David Alan Harvey

Andres Hispano on Cristina de Middel