Sarah Lewis

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Aperture Announces Free Publication for Historic Convening at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute

Download the curriculum, including thirty-one texts on topics ranging from civic space and memorials to the intersections of race, technology, and justice.

Aperture Celebrates Family at the 2018 Gala

On October 30, we honored a group of five outstanding artists and philanthropists whose work has expanded our vision of family.

Truth and Reconciliation

What does it mean to confront the history of racial violence in the United States? In a wide-ranging conversation, Bryan Stevenson and Sarah Lewis discuss images, power, and justice.

Framing Justice

How do photographs tell the story of citizenship in the United States?

Art and Activism in a Contested Democracy

Five reflections on the relationship between photography, citizenship, and the law.

In California, Trees as Witness and Living Memorial

Elizabeth Huber reflects on Ken Gonzales-Day and the history of lynching in California.

Envisioning the Right to Vote

How do Bruce Davidson’s photographs of the Selma march in 1965 find their echo in the modern debate over voter ID laws?

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