In tentatively optimistic images of strangers, loved ones, and golden-hued landscapes, Widline Cadet memorializes everyday moments of beauty.

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Dannielle Bowman Finds History in the Shadows

Winner of the 2020 Aperture Portfolio Prize, the photographer portrays the inner lives of Black Americans.
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Gregory Halpern’s Lyrical Chronicle of a Rust Belt City

In Buffalo, the photographer finds imaginative possibilities in the city’s postindustrial landscapes.
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In the West, Carolyn Drake Seeks New Expressions of American Identity

Drake's photographs reveal the textures of a nation too often reduced to myths, stereotypes, and clichés.
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Marianne Wex’s Study of Gender and Power in Images

The German artist surveyed advertisements, reportage, fashion, and art history, assembling a remarkable report on human gestures.

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