The pioneering performance, video, and multimedia artist speaks with the poet Eileen Myles about the connections between technology and society.

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In Delhi, Dynamic Images and Shared Solidarities

Rahaab Allana, guest editor of Aperture’s Summer 2021 issue, considers the relationship between photography, urbanism, and activist trajectories from within and outside a restless city.

A New Digital Platform Asks What Truth Means in Photography

With issues of truth more pressing than ever, Alan Govenar started an online space for critical discussion about the role of images in contemporary life. Here, he speaks about projects from Istanbul to the Bronx.
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JEB’s Pathbreaking Archive of Lesbian Photography

For years, Joan E. Biren crisscrossed the U.S. with a slide show that told an alternative history of photography with lesbians as central protagonists.
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“Gay Semiotics” Revisited

Hal Fischer speaks about his seminal 1970s-era examination of the “hanky code” used to signal sexual preferences of gay men.

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