Celebrating the evolving narrative of the photobook, Paris Photo and Aperture, in partnership with DELPIRE & CO, are excited to announce the winning titles for this year's PhotoBook Awards.

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The Parade of Life on the Streets of New York

With wit and compassion, Melissa O’Shaughnessy's street photographs show perfect strangers in the urban wild.
From the Archive

Arrivals and Departures Along the Trans-Siberian Railway

Since 2012, Jacob Aue Sobol has opened up a boldly contemporary Asia, taking us into Chinese, Russian, and Mongolian lives.

Dannielle Bowman Finds History in the Shadows

Winner of the 2020 Aperture Portfolio Prize, the photographer portrays the inner lives of Black Americans.

How a Chinese Photographer Navigates Queer Identity and Resilience

For Mengwen Cao, who came out to their parents on FaceTime, images anchor queer life in everyday spaces.

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