Alec Soth, Maria, Odessa, 2018, from the series I Know How Furiously Your Heart is Beating
From Pictures for Purpose Print Sale, courtesy the artist

Stephen Shore, Room 509, Dnipro Hotel, Kiev, Kyivska Province, Ukraine, July 18, 2012
Courtesy the artist and 303 Gallery, New York

Stephen Shore: Survivors in Ukraine at 303 Gallery

Stephen Shore’s 2012–13 series Survivors in Ukraine documents in and around the homes and villages of Holocaust survivors in Ukraine. Shore’s colorful, melancholic photographs present an arresting body of work on the lingering effects of war on the landscape and its people.

An exhibition of this work is on view at 303 Gallery in New York through March 12. As part of the exhibition, Shore and 303 Gallery raised over $300,000 in a fundraiser for the Ukrainian American Relief Committee.

In Ukraine at the Gallery of Dobbins Mews

In Ukraine is an exhibition cocurated by Ira Lupu and Fred Ritchin aiming to provide a larger viewpoint of Ukraine and its people through a range of photographs, video, sculpture, paintings, and more by Ukrainian artists.

On view at the Gallery at Dobbins Mews in Brooklyn starting March 12, the exhibition will also feature an opportunity for visitors to make donations in support of Ukraine.

Julie Poly from Slava Ukraini!
Courtesy the artist

Slava Ukraini! at Galeria Czwartek

In a response to the Russian invasion of Ukriane, Galeria Czwartek in Warsaw has dedicated its space to a new exhibition featuring works by Ukrainian artists. On view March 10–20, the exhibition highlights work from over twenty artists, including Sasha Kurmaz, Daniel Kosoy, and Synchrodogs. Prints from the exhibition will be available for purchase in editions of one hundred each, with all proceeds donated to humanitarian charities helping war victims in Ukraine.

Mark Neville from Stop Tanks With Books (Nazraeli Press, 2022)
Courtesy the artist

Mark Neville: Stop Tanks With Books

Last year, British artist Mark Neville moved his home and studio from London to Kyiv. Since 2015, he has been documenting life in Ukraine—from holidaymakers on the beaches of Odessa, to the churches and nightclubs of Kyiv, to both civilians and soldiers living on the front lines in Eastern Ukraine.

The new book Stop Tanks With Books (Nazraeli Press, 2022) calls on the international community to urgently support Ukraine. Neville’s photographs are published alongside short stories about the conflict by Lyuba Yakimchuk and research from the Centre of Eastern European Studies in Berlin about the 2.5 million Ukrainians already displaced by the war.

Daniel Jack Lyons, Tanya, 2015, from Pictures for Purpose Print Sale
Courtesy the artist

Pictures for Purpose Print Sale

Founded in 2020, Pictures for Purpose aims to raise proceeds and awareness for urgent causes through the medium of photography. Previous iterations have raised funds for the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis.

The third edition of Pictures for Purpose runs March 10–24 and will feature prints from dozens of photographers. Proceeds from the sale support World Central Kitchen, an organization providing fresh meals on the front lines to those in need during humanitarian, climate, and community crises.

Jamie Hawkesworth, <em>Flower</em>, 2014<br>, from Have a Butchers Print Sale
Courtesy the artist”>
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Jamie Hawkesworth, Flower, 2014
, from Have a Butchers Print Sale Courtesy the artist
Zuzu Valla, <em>Peace</em>, 2022<br>, from Have a Butchers Print Sale
Courtesy the artist”>
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Zuzu Valla, Peace, 2022
, from Have a Butchers Print Sale Courtesy the artist

Have a Butchers Print Sale

Have a Butchers, in association with Hempstead May & May Print, has launched a charity print sale in solidarity with Ukraine. Through March 11, collect cover ninety prints for £50 each, all sold in open editions, with proceeds supporting the British Red Cross, Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Lorenzo Meloni, People evacuated under heavy shelling by the Russian army on the outskirts of Irpin, a city about 20km from Kyiv, Ukraine, 6 March, 2022, for Obscura
Courtesy the artist and Magnum Photos

Ukraine: Updates from Magnum Photographers in the Field

Magnum photographers—including Chien-Chi Chang, William Keo, and Jérôme Sessini—are on the ground in Ukraine documenting the Russian invasion and its impact on life in the country. Here, Magnum gathers coverage as it’s published, alongside stories reporting on the international response to the conflict.