"Eyes on the Street": Street Photography in the 21st Century (Video)

A panel discussion on street photography in the 21st century, held at Aperture Gallery.

On Saturday, May 10, 2014, Aperture hosted a panel discussion addressing street photography in the twenty-first century, featuring Philip-Lorca diCorcia, James Nares, and Katherine A. Bussard. The panel was moderated by Brian Sholis, associate curator of photography at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

At a moment when public discussion of cameras in public spaces revolves around policing and First Amendment rights, can artists and photographers use photography and film to reveal new facets of the urban environment? Can artworks remind us that urban public places are also home to unequaled creative and imaginative possibilities? Philip-Lorca diCorcia and James Nares are both artists whose work was included in an exhibition on street photography at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Katherine A. Bussard is curator of photography at Princeton University Art Museum and author of Unfamiliar Streets (Yale, 2014).

View “‘Eyes on the Street’: Street Photography in the Twenty-First Century” Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 on Vimeo.