The PhotoBook Review
#012, Spring 2017

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Features and Columns

Editor’s NoteDaria Tuminas

Publisher’s NoteLesley A. Martin

Designer SpotlightSebastian Hau in conversation with Pierre Hourquet

Publisher ProfileBrendan Wattenberg in conversation with Bronwyn Law-Viljoen, Fourthwall Books

Under the Influence: Toward a Survey of Cinema and the PhotoBookDaria Tuminas

Artist Cut:
Rosa Barba onPrinted Cinema
Robin Waart onThinking in Pictures
Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber onFax from the Library

The Speech Writer: Flipbook as FilmBenedikt Reichenbach

The Mexican FotonovelaStefan Ruiz

Love on the Left Bank: A Photo-Novel That is Really a FilmTamara Berghmans

CenterfoldPaulien Oltheten

The Book of the FilmDavid Campany

Twelve Books, One Long Zoom: Thoughts on the “Still Generation” and the History of Artists’ BooksKayla Anderson

Filmic v. CinematicRoland Fischer-Briand

Pictograms of Lars von TrierRémi Coignet in conversation with Casper Sejersen



Ashraf Jamal on Santu Mofokeng, Stories 2-4

Taco Hidde Bakker on Martine Stig, Noir

Sara Knelman on Thomas Boivin, A Short Story

Dahlia Schweitzer on Cindy Sherman, Cindy Sherman 2016

Marco de Mutiis on Lucas Blalock, Making Memeries

Kelley Wilder on Helmut Völter, The Movement of Clouds around Mount Fuji: Photographed and Filmed by Masanao Abe

Video Response:
Amos Mulder on Inka and Niclas Lindergård, The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth