The PhotoBook Review
#001, Fall 2011

The cover page of issue 001 of The PhotoBook Review

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Features and Column

Publisher’s NoteLesley A. Martin

Editor’s Note: Welcome to The PhotoBook ReviewJeffrey Ladd

“Reading” the PhotobookGerry Badger

The Paris Photo Book Prize 2011: IntroductionJulien Frydman

The Paris Photo Book Prize 2011: NominationsHarper Levine, Markus Schaden, Satoshi Machiguchi & Hisako Motoo, and Antoine de Beaupré

Image and Text: Barbara BrändliHoracio Fernández

Publisher Profile: Xavier BarralDarius Himes

Designer Profile: Sybren KuiperJeffrey Ladd

XMLAlec Soth in conversation with John Gossage and Raymond Meeks

CenterfoldJeffrey Ladd

The Photobook as ReadymadeCharlotte Cotton and Joachim Schmid

About Process: The MaquetteJim Goldberg and Philip Brookman in conversation with Jeffrey Ladd

First Book: Bad WeatherMartin Parr

Uncharted Territories: The Great Hall of the PeopleRuben Lundgren

BestsellersFrom Artbook | DAP, Dashwood Books,, and Buchhandlung Walther König


Tim Davis on Guido Guidi

Jacqueline Hassink on Andrea Stultiens

Jason Evans on Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs

Philip Gefter on Katy Grannan

David Campany on William E. Jones

Sebastian Arthur Hau on Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine

Jason Fulford on Shannon Ebner

Lyle Rexer on Wolfgang Tillmans

Jeffrey Ladd on Ricardo Cases

Sean Corcoran on Keizo Kitajima

Gerry Badger on Sébastien Girard

Andrew Phelps on Henk Wildschut