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Behind the Scenes at Foam Talent

During a private tour at Red Hook Labs, Aperture Members learned the about up-and-coming photographers taking the field by storm.

Exhibition: Paul Graham on The Whiteness of the Whale at Pier 24 Photography

San Francisco’s Pier 24 Photography recently opened Paul Graham’s exhibition The Whiteness of the Whale, the venue’s first-ever presentation of a single artist.

Drew Sawyer: Morgan Fisher's Melancholic Modernism

A new exhibition at Maureen Paley in London features new work by Morgan Fisher.

Anne Collier at MCA Chicago

Anne Collier’s new show at the MCA Chicago spans a decade of the photographer’s sly, incisive images.

The Image World Is Flat: Penelope Umbrico in conversation with Virginia Rutledge

Penelope Umbrico speaks with art historian and intellectual-property lawyer Virginia Rutledge about the use of reproductions in our increasingly flattened image world.

Emily Davidson, Bruce Davidson Book Talk

Emily Haas Davidson and Bruce Davidson in conversation on their latest project, Bobby’s Book.

Photography at Novartis AG

Melissa Harris spoke with Daniel Vasella, then of Novartis AG, to understand both his passion and his criteria for commissioning photography.

Jeff Wall and Lucas Blalock: A Conversation on Pictures

Jeff Wall speaks with Lucas Blalock about the current state of the medium, his recent work, and the freedom of the artist.

Dispatches: Jason Fulford on San Francisco

It’s been a year now since I drove from Scranton, Pennsylvania, to San Francisco and let the…

Andrew Norman Wilson with Laurel Ptak: ScanOps

Andrew Norman Wilson speaks with curator Laurel Ptak about the ScanOps project.

Nine Years, A Million Conceptual Miles – By Charlotte Cotton

Charlotte Cotton discusses a wave of photographic innovation.

On Process and Color

Aperture speaks with the curator and a participating artist in Color Shift, a show that explores and revisits modernism’s reductive approach to medium, material, and color.

A2/SW/HK: On Press

Scott Williams and Henrik Kubel document their time on press in Germany with Aperture magazine’s Spring 2013 issue.

James Welling: Monograph

Two short excerpts from MoMA curator Eva Respini’s conversation with photographer James Welling in the artist’s new Aperture book.

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