The PhotoBook Review

A biannual newsprint journal dedicated to the appreciation of the photobook

Issue #019 - Fall 2021

The PhotoBook Review Issue 019

In this issue, The PhotoBook Review celebrates the fine art of talking about books and what goes into their making. Offset artist Dayanita Singh has stated, “A book is a conversation with a stranger in the future.” This issue breaks the ice with a series of book makers and book aficionados in dialogue with one another about what they are making now.

Photobook Review #019

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About The PhotoBook Review

The PhotoBook Review, launched in 2011, is dedicated to the consideration of the photobook. It is a platform for accessible critical writing about the current state of photography in print, and the art of photobook publishing. Published biannually as a complimentary newsprint journal and with a growing presence on the Aperture website, The PhotoBook Review is grounded in an interest in creating a better understanding of the ecosystem of the photobook as a whole.