The PhotoBook Review
#004, Spring 2013

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Features and Columns

Publisher’s NoteLesley A. Martin

Editor’s NoteCharlotte Cotton

Between Analog and DigitalJason Evans In Conversation with Kieran Hebden (Four Tet)

ONLINE ONLYJason Evans in Conversation with Kieran Hebden—Part 2

Shelf LivesPenny Martin In Conversation with Emily King

Living FormsJason Fulford In Conversation with David Reinfurt

ONLINE ONLY Jason Fulford in Conversation with David Reinfurt—Part 2

Publisher ProfileRichard Misrach In Conversation with Jeffrey Fraenkel

Pull-Out Centerfold by Library Candy

Top 5 Photo Bookstores—London
Charlotte Cotton

Top 5 Photo Bookstores—Los Angeles and San FranciscoDarius Himes

Remembering Gigi Giannuzzi of Trolley BooksAdam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin


Aaron Schuman on Maurizio Cattelan, Toilet Paper

Bruno Ceschel on Maya Rochat, Vote for Me!

Helen Cammock on Tiane Doan na Champassak, The Father of Pop Dance

Owen Kydd on Wolfgang Tillmans, FESPA Digital / Fruit Logistica

Karol Hordziej on Nick Haymes, GABEtm

Colin Grenwood on Cuny Janssen, Yoshino

Takashi Homma on Tørbjørn Rødland, Vanilla Partner

Lorenzo Durantini on David Benjamin Sherry, Quantum Light

Iñaki Domingo on Paul Kooiker, Heaven