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 - April 24, 2015

Announcing the New Issue of The PhotoBook Review


The latest issue of The PhotoBook Review, Aperture’s biannual journal dedicated to the consideration of the photobook, is out nowPBR 008 launches this coming week on both coasts: in New York at Shashin, the festival of photography from Japan, and at Paris Photo Los Angeles. Subscribers to Aperture magazine will receive it with the Summer issue, “Tokyo,” or you can pick it up for free in New York at the Aperture Gallery and Bookstore.

PBR 008 was guest edited by Ivan Vartanian, a Tokyo-based independent curator and author, as well as the founder of the imprint Goliga. In concert with Aperture magazine’s “Tokyo” issue, this issue of PBR focuses on both the young and established photographers making books in Japan today. It also shines a light on the connections between two seemingly independent areas of art production: photobook-making and performance. As Vartanian writes in his Editor’s Note, “I am driven by the questions of what defines a photobook and how those parameters can be stretched to the point that ‘book’ may no longer be an appropriate appellation for thing in question.”

Inside this issue:

Photobook as Performance as Photobook: Artists, curators, and publishers Bruno Ceschel, Sebastian Hau, Melinda Gison, Aron Mörel, Katja Stuke, and Anouk Kruithof on the relationship between photobooks and performance—whether they’re making a book or expanding upon one

If You Came Here to Have Fun, You Will: Denise Wolff interviews Jason Fulford—artist, publisher, and master of the experimental book launch—about “the parallel lives of a book through its events,” and more

Collecting the Japanese Photobook: Conversations with curators and photobook collectors Ryuichi Kaneko and Manfred Heiting, on the evolution of both the Japanese photobook and the photobook market

A centerfold by Anouk Kruithof, in collaboration with Lieko Shiga

 Photobooks After 3/11: The 2011 tsunami, its aftermath, and how Japanese photographers—and those from the West—responded to the disaster via the photobook 

Profiles of designer Yoshihisa Tanaka and Tokyo-based publisher Sokyusha

How to Move a Book: Publishers and distributors Tricia Gabriel and Mike Slack of The Ice Plant get real about what it takes to get a photobook out of the warehouse—or your garage—and into the hands of the people you want to see it

Plus reviews of books by Nobuyoshi Araki, William Klein, Ryuichi Ishikawa, Bohnchang Koo, Takashi Homma, Philip Gefter, and Max Pinckers

Read the Publisher’s Note from Lesley A. Martin and the Editor’s Note from Ivan Vartanian.

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