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Diane Arbus – Guggenheim Grants exhibition at KMR Arts Gallery

black and white photobook

gallery book for the Guggenheim exhibition by Diane Arbus

A new photography exhibition, Diane Arbus: Guggenheim Grants, 1963–1967, will be on view at KMR Arts Gallery from October 26 through December 29, 2012.

This show of vintage prints by the influential photographer focuses on the critical turning point within Diane Arbus’s body of work as she applied for and was awarded two Guggenheim grants. Arbus received these grants at a time when her style was maturing and they provided Arbus complete artistic and financial freedom to explore her interest in “American Rites, Manners, and Customs,” and the intense, provocative images and subjects that would occupy her for much of her career.

Diane Arbus: Guggenheim Grants, 1963–1967
October 26–December 29, 2012
KMR Arts Gallery
Washington Depot, Connecticut

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