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Doug Rickard – Artist Talk and Signing

A discussion with A New American Picture artist Doug Rickard, Tuesday, October 16 at Aperture Gallery.

 - October 9, 2012
color photograph

Photo © Doug Rickard

Join us at Aperture Gallery on Tuesday, October 16, for an artist talk and signing with Doug Rickard, whose book A New American Picture was recently published by Aperture.

A New American Picture offers a startling and fresh perspective on American street photography. Over a period of two years, Rickard took advantage of Google Street View’s comprehensive image archive to virtually drive overlooked roads throughout America, bleak places that are forgotten, economically devastated, and in various states of decay. He rephotographed the images as they appeared on his computer screen, framing and freeing them from their online origins. Rickard will discuss both his admiration for and reinterpretation of American street photography in light of an increasingly technological world.
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