1/1 Preview: Denise Wolff on Aperture's Instagram Silent Auction

Senior books editor Denise Wolff on selections from this years Aperture Instagram Silent Auction.

It’s been exciting to see the images coming into the office from photographers all over the world for Aperture’s Instagram Silent Auction, part of the 1/1 Benefit & Auction taking place Monday, October 28. There will be nearly a hundred pieces available, all of which use—and transcend—Instagram’s familiar square format. The selection was curated by Kathy Ryan, avid Instagrammer and director of photography at the New York Times Magazine, and it includes a wonderful range of work: subjects and themes range from still lifes to animals, documentary to collage, personal to conceptual. Ryan has used her expert eye to hone a collection of photographs that feels unified but still attuned to each individual photographer’s aesthetic. The Instagram pieces start at an accessible price point, and bidding on them is a fun way to support Aperture’s education and visual literacy programs. Above is a selection of work I’m looking to bid on.

Denise Wolff, Senior Editor, Books

The above selection will be available as part of the Aperture’s Instagram Silent Auction at the Aperture 1/1 Benefit Auction on Monday, October 28, alongside work from more than eighty other artists. Aperture’s Instagram Silent Auction is curated by Kathy Ryan, director of photography, New York Times Magazine. Pre-bidding is available now. Find out more about the 1/1 Benefit & Auction and buy tickets here