Video: Richard Renaldi, Chris Boot on Touching Strangers

Richard Renaldi on recent progress and upcoming plans for the Touching Strangers portrait series.

Richard Renaldi spoke with Chris Boot last week on the recent progress that has been made on the Touching Strangers project, upcoming plans to shoot in New Mexico, Arizona, and Los Angeles, and the impact of the overwhelming support—via Kickstarter and elsewhere—on the growth and future of the series, which includes expanded plans for the photobook and an exhibition at Aperture Gallery.

Richard also offers a look at the 17-by-22-inch print Jeromy and Matthew, 2011, which will be available exclusively to Kickstarter supporters who pledge at the $1,500 level and above before August 5.

color photograph

Jeromy and Matthew, 2011, Columbus, OH, from the series Touching Strangers. Available in a limited edition of 15, exclusively through Kickstarter.