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Inside Aperture’s Spring Patron Cocktail Event

Aperture Patrons, board members, and photographers Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao and Scout Tufankjian gathered for the second annual Spring Patron Cocktail Party.

 - June 12, 2015


On Monday, June 8, nearly fifty Aperture Patrons, board members, and photographers gathered for the second annual Spring Patron Cocktail Party. The evening included presentations by photographers Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao and Scout Tufankjian. Liao spoke about the complicated process that goes into making each of his photographs, as they are assembled by section, overlaying up to forty shots to create a distinctive landscape image. Tufankjian discussed her photojournalism work. Through anecdotes from the 2008 campaign trail—where she was the only photographer to follow the entire Obama campaign—to her most recent project documenting Armenian communities around the world, she gave the audience a taste of what goes into her profoundly human pictures. Following the presentations, guests mingled with each other as well as the featured photographers. Signed copies of Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao: New York (Aperture, 2014) were also available.

Aperture Patron events bring together Members, trustees, and photographers. To learn more about Aperture’s Patron Program, click here or contact Emily Grillo at egrillo[at]aperture.org or 212.946.7103.

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Images © Max Mikulecky.