JH Engström Photography Workshop

A year-long distance-learning workshop coordinated by JH Engström and photographer Margot Wallard.

For the past fifteen years, JH Engström, an internationally acclaimed photographer, has held workshops regularly all over Europe and has lectured at the International Center of Photography in New York. He considers the workshop a critical part of his development as a photographer and artist, and in that spirit has launched Atelier Smedsby, a year-long web-based workshop coordinated by Engström and photographer Margot Wallard.

Through the Atelier, Engström strives to “spread out the possibilities of contact between the participants and [himself],” since time, he believes, is such an important tool in the photographic process. During the course of the year, attendees will critique the work of their colleagues in one-month intervals, incorporating three individual/group meetings in Paris and monthly reports on the progress of their works via e-mail or Skype. During these monthly reports, they will be able to ask questions, demonstrate the evolution of their work, receive evaluation and feedback, and thus move forward in the accomplishment of their personal projects.

The application deadline for the 2013/2014 session is March 30, 2013. Application information can be found on www.atelier-smedsby.com.

Aperture plans to publish Sketch of Paris: Photographs by JH Engström in Fall 2013.