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Martin Parr Life's a Beach Book Release Party

Purchase a ticket and get a limited-edition pre-release copy of Parr's new book, Life's a Beach.

 - October 4, 2012
color photographs

Images from Martin Parr’s Life’s a Beach


Reserve your tickets for our exclusive October 15 artist talk and reception with Martin Parr, and be the first to receive a limited-edition pre-release copy of Parr’s new book, Life’s a Beach. This signed, numbered edition of Life’s a Beach is presented in a slipcase and features ninety-six four-color images inserted into die-cut slots on the pages, resembling a photo album.

Tickets, which get you a copy of the book and entry to the event, are limited to seventy-five, and you must be present the night of to receive the book. To purchase your ticket, click here.

Artist Talk and Book Party with Martin Parr
Monday, October 15, 2012, 6:00 pm
Aperture Gallery and Bookstore
New York City

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