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Recap of Connect Member Meetup

Aperture Connect Members were given a tour of photograph's rich history through a private collection

 - May 11, 2016

On May 3, Aperture Connect Members came together for the group’s second meetup at the private home of archivist and former documentary filmmaker Patrick Montgomery. Montgomery’s The History of Photography Archive is an impressive collection of more than ten thousand objects, including photographs and ephemera, relating to the first hundred years of photography’s history.

Connect Members handled rare albums and photographic works, including early carbon and salt prints, and the first documented school portraits, such as a daguerreotype of the class of 1861 from Paris’s École Polytechnique. Also noted was the important role Aperture’s founders Ansel Adams and Beaumont Newhall played in photography’s development as an artistic medium.

Amelia Lang, executive managing editor of Aperture Foundation’s book program, spoke to Connect Members about the foundation’s unique position in the publishing field, emphasizing that photography and the photobook is a platform for both photographers and photography enthusiasts to learn about the unfamiliar.

Aperture Connect is a dynamic group of supporters (ages 21 to 37), residing in the New York Tri-state area, who seek to further their knowledge and understanding of photography, publishing, and the international photo community.

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