Workshop with Todd Hido at Aperture Foundation

Todd Hido’s Sources and Influences workshop was held at Aperture Foundation, September 21–22, 2013.

Sources and Influences, a workshop with Todd Hido, ran without a hitch over the weekend of September 21 and 22, providing students with a formidable lesson in how to shape one’s career as a photographer. A skilled professor, Hido lectured on his own experiences, principles, and methods. The course enabled students to draw inspiration not only from the precedent set by their instructor, but also from new perspectives on their own portfolios.

From the students:

“Todd was extremely generous sharing his experiences as a photographer and his vast knowledge of the history of photography. He also gave each student excellent feedback. This was a terrific experience!”
“Hearing Todd explain his sources and influences really got me to think about discovering my own.”

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